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Ncontracts MED™

Ncontracts MED™ is a service of Network Contract Solutions designed exclusively for the medical industry. Is Ncontracts MED™ right for your institution? Consider the following questions:

Are your contracts currently stored electronically where you can easily retrieve them at any time?

Have they been reviewed by paralegals with the key elements summarized and notated?

Do you have an email notification system for key dates of each contract?

Can your accounts payable department easily match invoices to contracts?

Are you fully compliant with HIPAA and other federal regulatory requirements?

The Power of N™
•  On demand accessibility to contracts and related documents stored securely online
Paralegal review and useful business summaries of key contract dates, terms and provisions
Customized analysis based on areas selected by each financial institution
Email notices for renewals, expirations and other
customized reminders
Tiered access rights to pertinent data reducing expenses and saving time
Compliance requirements fully monitored and information for examiners is readily available

Manage Any Contracts Including:

o Medical Office Leases
o Medical Director Agreements
o Equipment Leases
o Professional Service Agreements
o Part-time Employment Agreements
o Managed Care Agreements
o Payor Contracts
o Joint Venture Agreements
o Business Associate Agreements



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